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Yanbing Li

Born in 2001 in China, she is currently studying Illustration and Visual Media at London College of Communication (LCC).She likes to use delicate lines to depict various characters, mostly women, as she wants to interpret the beauty of women in her own drawing language.In addition to real women, she also creates anime fan art, as she likes to interpret her favourite films and TV shows with her own interpretation, and her fan art has gained a lot of popularity on Chinese platforms, with fans describing her work as "storytelling, sophisticated and elegant".  


Mission statement  

"Using delicate lines and premium colours to portray stylish, elegant women who glow like gems is the best I can do.." 



I believe that every woman is like a diamond, they are precious, shiny, unique and beautiful. I, too, as a woman, paint is my language and I strive to use this unique language to portray each and every beautiful woman. I will express their beauty by painting delicate faces; I will express their beauty by painting lofty poses; I will express their beauty by painting gorgeous clothes; I will express their beauty by painting sparkling gems. I try to paint all the precious things in the world to express the beauty of women, because women are the most precious part of my paintings, and I will remain unique, remain curious, and continue to discover the beauty of women, moment by moment, until I die.

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